Leading Blockchain eCommerce Platform Confirms Relocation of HQ In China

Leading Blockchain eCommerce and financial company, Future FinTech Group, has confirmed that the company has relocated its HQ from Chinese Xi’an City to the capital city of the country, Beijing. The Future FinTech Group has announced back in March 30, 2020 about the company’s decision of relocations to Beijing.

According to PR NewsWire, the company successfully completed the relocation process and the new address of the company’s HQ is Room 2103, 21st Floor, SK Tower. 6A, Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

The main motive behind the company’s decision to relocate its HQ to Beijing is that it acts the main political, communication, cultural and science and technology hub and it is now the home of the World’s leading companies.

The Boss of Future FinTech Group, Mr. Shanchun Huang has described the main factors driven the company’s relocation decision as “The relocation of the Company’s headquarters to Beijing is a part of our strategic plan to build a national and international e-commence and fintech company, to help us attract excellent talent from China and internationally, and to connect us with more and better strategic resources in China.”

“Blockchain Technology and its applications, cross-border e-commerce, and high-quality financial services will be the directors for our future development. We believe it is the right choice to transform from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a modern enterprise with e-commerce, blockchain application and fintech services. To pursue future development in this fast changing world, we must take the road of cross regional and international markets. We believe that by relying on Beijing’s sound economic and financial environment, rich talent pool and capital resources, the Company’s main business will rise to a higher level, so as to bring more returns to investors. ” Future FinTech Group Mr. Huang Further added.

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