Valor Compounding Pharmacy Acquires Hydroxychloroquine To Combat COVID-19

US-based Valor Compounding Pharmacy has acquired the Hydroxychloroquine to combat COVID-19. According to PR News Wire, the company has obtained Hydroxychloroquine to continued its treatment for patients suffering from arthritis, malaria, lupus and so on. The company has made a plan to give a proportional of Hydroxychloroquine to patients, as it will help to not put the patients’ life in danger suffering from chronic diseases.

According to PR NewsWire, the US-based pharmacy company has opted for Hydroxychloroquine as it would provide guarantee health care professional to take care of their patients. The company has decided to channelize the drug by using different sources as health care systems, hospitals, medical institutions, clinics and so on.

Describing the motive of the company behind the acquiring of Hydroxychloroquine, the Boss of Valor Compounding said, “This crisis highlights the myriad of challenges in all facets of our current supply chain system. Valor Compounding Pharmacy is fortunate to have secured hydroxychloroquine in order to offer security to those patients with previous chronic medical conditions.”

Referring about the recent ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Niemi said, “In addition to making and donating hand sanitizer to frontline healthcare workers, hydroxychloroquine aids in our collective efforts to fight the COVID-19 war. While supplies of the drug are highly limited, and in some cases, unavailable, Valor is actively making capsules and oral suspensions for patients in need, pursuant to a valid prescription.”

It is important to mention that US-based pharmacy will only provide the drug to patients having a valid prescription only, as it will help to stop the illegal use of the drug. Furthermore, the company has decided not to fill any prescription for all the patients suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is also collaborating with the various medical research firms, who are interested to use the hydroxychloroquine for medical research and clinical trials.

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