Short-form Video Streaming App Crosses 1.7 Million Downloads In First Week After Its Launch

Short-form Video Streaming App, Quibi, has reached the milestone of more than 1.7 Million downloads right after the first week since its launch. According to the BBC, Quibi CEO Meg Whitman has confirmed that the company has seen the phenomenal increase in download over the past week.

The company has launched the App Quibi back on 6th April, which streams video clips up to 10 minutes with ease.

Right now, the App is only available on tablets and Smartphones, but the company is also making efforts to play the App on Televisions too.

Sharing her thoughts about the launch of Quibi, the boss Ms. Whitman said, “It turns out people have in-between moments at home, “We don’t actually think it hurt us.”

It is important to mention that some tech-analysts have predicted that App might not be successful due to the covid-19 pandemic, but the company has made wrong such assumptions and theories with its outstanding performance.

The Quibi App shows videos up to 10 minutes or shorter in various segments. All the viewers can easily streamline the video on their mobile and tablet devices. The App also features the Turnstile feature that allows the video to remain open in full screen in both landscape and portrait mode.

Although, the Quibi is a premium service, but the company has announced to make it free for public up to 3 months. The company is offering the ad-free version for $7.99 and ad-supported version for $4.99. \

The CEO of the Company has expected to compete the App with leading movie and TV streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, TikTok and Disney Plus.

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