UK-Based Fashion Retailer Giant Next Suspends Online Orders Hours After Reopening

UK-based Fashion retailer Giant, Next, has announced the suspension of all the online orders after the reopening following a three week break. According to the BBC, the company has said that it has exceeded its demand for new orders and the company will remain off until Wednesday.

The UK-based Fashion Giant has closed all its high street stores on 23 March and it had stopped taking new orders on 26 March due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The company has announced that for the time being, it will only sell necessities such as selected small home items and kids clothing, although that could be extended in time.

The company has said in an official statement, “The idea is to begin selling in low volumes, so that we only need a small number of colleagues in each warehouse at any one time, helping to ensure rigorous social distancing is complied with.”

“To achieve these limited volumes, Next will only allow customers to order the number of items that it believes can be picked safely on any given day,” Company further added.

The company has asked its employees to volunteer, who wished to work from a company can come in. However, the company has said that all those employees who want to work again will have to follow through the Safety Check to ensure the safety of their and others health from Covid-19 pandemic.

The company has witnessed a sharp decline in growth and profit right from the start of Covid-19 Pandemic. According to research from Retail Economics and Alvarez & Marsal, the overall sales of the Next have plunged by 70% since the lockdown due to Covid-19.

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