New Breast Cancer Drug NERLYNX Commercially Available in Singapore

A new drug formulated to reduce the symptoms of Breast Cancer, NERLYNX, is now commercially available in the Singapore. According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the new Breast Cancer Drug, NERLYNX, is basically a form of oral medication formulated for women diagnosed with the breast cancer, who have undergone the trastuzumab-based therapy, chemotherapy or surgery.

The NERLYNX has been proved quite effective in reducing the ongoing risk of patients diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. This new oral medicine can significantly reduce the risk of recurrence up to 42% for all those women who have undergone therapy within 1 years of completing the trastuzumab-based therapy.

The Breast Cancer Drug is made commercially available in Singapore by the Specialised Therapeutics Asia (STA), an independent pharmaceutical company, which has got the exclusive license for the medication from the Puma Biotechnology.

Prior to its regulatory approval by the concerned authorities in Singapore, the medicine has already been treated a number of patients with Satisfactory results.

Medical Oncologist at the National Cancer Centre, Dr Yap Yoon Sim has said that the development of the new breast cancer drug, NERLYNX, has significantly helped to reduce the risk of recurrence in patients.

“We know the risk of recurrence continues even five years post-diagnosis, especially in patients with hormone-receptor positive breast cancer. NERLYNX may now provide additional benefit in terms of reducing this risk of relapse, particularly to women with high-risk disease. Essentially it gives patients another opportunity to remain disease-free,” Dr. Yap said

STA CEO, Mr. Carlo said, “We are pleased to be able to make this important therapy available to women in Singapore and further expect to ensure its availability in other parts of South-East Asia, including Malaysia and Brunei.”

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