Emtrain Secures 8 Million USD in Growth Capital TO Expand Its Culture Tech Platform

Emtrain, an online workplace and culture platform designed to prevent bad workplace cultures, has announced on Wednesday May 6, 2020 that the company has successfully secured the 8 Million USD in Growth Capital funding that would significantly help the company to expand its culture tech platforms to provide on-demand analysis and management of key indicators that are considered as a foundation of workplaces.

According to the details released by the PR Newswire News Agency, the company has secured the new funding with the help of education Growth Partners or EGP, which is a private equity firm dedicated to growth capital to workplaces and human development. The new funding will help the Emtrain to successfully meet the federal and state compliance regulations. Furthermore, the funding will also help the company to address issues that are affecting the benchmarks and growth of the company..

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Emtrain, Janine Yancey said, “Our changing demographics, social norms and current tough business climate require a better solution to educate employees of their rights and responsibilities and how to be a culture leader while informing employers where they need to focus their time and attention to support a healthy culture.”

“U.S. businesses spend five billion dollars each year on compliance training without getting real business value; no business intelligence, no benchmarking, no evidence of behavior modification, nothing but a completion certificate. Business leaders are increasingly demanding business value from these programs and a way to solve behavioral problems before they turn into bad outcomes. Emtrain uses data, analytics, and benchmarking to show companies where they are vulnerable and how to address their hotspots in a proactive way,” Janine Yancey further added.

Managing Director of EGP, Peter Campbell said, “Janine has a bold, unique vision on how to change the way organizations identify their risk and prevent complex culture issues from becoming damaging.”

“Janine Yancey and her team have developed their predictive frameworks and data sets over 15 years, and have now built a breakthrough product that anticipates where the market has moved. We’re excited to add considerable capital and our expertise in learning and behavioral change to Emtrain as they change the way employers and employees interact to prevent harassment, bias, ethical lapses and other bad culture outcomes,” Peter Campbell further added.

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