CDL 1000 Shifts Its Strategy To Support Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Chicago-based CDL 1000 has announced that the company has decided to shift its strategy to support the Covid-19 relief efforts. The company has decided to shift its daily business of transporting and shipping goods and applied top of the line logistic solution technology across America to create jobs for the deserving people in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

The company has offered jobs to all the people meeting the eligibility criteria, which will help the jobless people across the USA to start earning and start supporting their families during the financial crisis imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

President of Brokerage, Andrew Sobko said, “At a time when other shipping companies were laying people off, we recognized an opportunity to recruit some of the best talents within our industry.”

“Through social media and word-of-mouth with industry insiders, we hired more than 30 people who were suddenly left without a paycheck, many of them well-respected industry veterans with years of impressive experience in logistics,” Andrew Sobko further added.

Jared Kreiter said, “We proudly rallied our staff and professional networks to deliver containers full of life-saving equipment to many American cities.”

“We moved masks, ventilators, hospital-grade PPE, water, toilet paper, beds for make-shift triage centers from California to Texas to New York and many states in-between,” Kreiter further added in his statement.

“Helping America and our fellow citizens was extremely important to us. Having the right people on our staff made the impossible possible.”

About CDL 1000:

The CDL 1000 is an asset-based and technology driven next generation transportation and logistics provider. The logistics company provides complete supply chain logistic solutions to different organizations and companies across the United States. The company specializes in delivering innovative technology platform to its domestic and international customers.

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