Dairy.com Successfully Acquires Orbis MES

Dairy.com has announced that the company has successfully acquired the Orbis MES. The acquisition of Orbis MES will further strengthen and expand the portfolio services of Dairy.com, including the entire value chain.

Orbis MES is the leading provider of beverage and food industry since 1998. The company has also partnered with the leading European clients, including the Dairy Utilize Orbis, Southwest Cheese, Dairy Farmers of America, Dairygold, Glanbia and Arrabawn. In the domain of Brewing, the company partners with Baileys, Johnnie Walker Distillery, Captain Morgan Distillery, Guinness, and The McCallan Distillery.

CEO of Orbies MES John Tobin will continue to lead the company from Dublin and he will also join the executive leadership of Dairy.com.

Dairy.com is the leading provider of actionable dairy market intelligence and SaaS solutions. The company now consists of 150 employees and it also consists of the largest independent global dairy provider.

Chief Executive Officer of Dairy.com. Scott Sexton said, “The Orbis MES application suite provides dairy, food, and beverage plants the ability to manage operations in real-time, from anywhere. It is exceptional software that tracks a liquid product’s complicated journey from plant intake to finished products. Companies can prevent product loss, evaluate operating performance, improve quality, trace product flows, and monitor utilities consumption.”

“That’s great because all plants are looking to maximize efficiency, food safety, and sustainability while minimizing shrink, waste, and losses. With this acquisition, Dairy.com continues to lead the way to a truly integrated and connected supply chain,” Scott Sexton further added.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Orbis MES, John Tobin said, “Joining the Dairy.com family allows us to expand our services and offerings to provide more value to our clients. We are excited to become the Dairy.com European hub and help grow the combined business around the world.”

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