Johns Hopkins University Announces Major Breakthrough In Covid-19 Research

Physicians at the John Hopkins University announced major breakthrough in Covid-19 Research. According to the details, the physicians have find out the acute respiratory distress syndrome of cord blood derived from the cell therapy manufactured by the Cellenkos.

The University has further added that all the patients received therapy under the guidance and supervision of Federal and Drug Authority (FDA) for up to 3 doses. The clinical trials showed that the improvement starts right within the first 48 hours with concurrent dampening of cytokine storms.

Principal Investigator at John Hopkins University, Dr. Douglas Gladstone said, “We are excited by these early data in very sick patients suffering from COVID-19 ARDS. We recognize that there are several factors at play but believe that the temporal relationship between Treg infusions and patient recovery cannot be ignored.”

“We look forward to evaluating this promising therapy in the FDA-approved randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial of cryopreserved, allogeneic, off-the-shelf, cord blood derived T-regulatory cells (CK0802) in intubated patients suffering from COVID-19 ARDS. Planned correlative assays during this trial will provide insights into the mechanism of action of CK0802 and its relation to clinical outcomes,” Dr. Douglas further added in the statement.

Vice President Clinical Operations at Cellenkos, Tara Sadeghi said, “We are very encouraged by these early clinical observations and remain fully committed to bring forward this promising, potentially life-saving therapy into the market. We believe that our product will materially change the fatal outcome of COVID-19, allowing for the needed (necessary) time to develop an effective COVID-19 vaccine.”

“Our company-owned clean room facility allows us to have full control of the manufacturing processes, supply chain, and distribution logistics. We are confident that we can deliver on this multicenter clinical trial,” Vice President Clinical Operations at Cellenkos Tara Sadeghi.

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