The Power Game Inside Facebook

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has established one of the most successful social networks on earth. The network now owns more than $600 Billion of assets in total.

Dr. Toussaint Nothias said, “The project kept expanding – albeit much more discreetly. At the end of 2015, Facebook reported that Free Basics was available in 30 countries. Today, they say it’s available in ‘more than 55 countries’. In Africa [alone], I found that it’s available in 29 countries.”

“In my opinion, the ongoing expansion of the project has not received the scrutiny it deserves. Increasing connectivity, in general, benefits Facebook’s products. Facebook is pretty transparent about this, Dr. Nothias added.

Dan said, “We are not dabblers. We are fully committed and we’re playing at Facebook scale.”

“Our goal is to get more people online to a faster internet. Both of those things are really important. At a very, very basic level, the reason why Facebook cares about conductivity – let’s just say there’s a whole bunch of people in my team, myself included, who are very motivated by the mission of just getting more people online,” he added.

“That’s how people find jobs. It’s how you get educated. The Covid crisis has just highlighted that in a way that we could not have imagined six months ago,” he continued.

“Most importantly, for Free Basics users, Facebook becomes the homepage of the Internet. Free Basics builds brand loyalty among users. It contributes to Facebook’s dominant position in emerging markets with tremendous demographic growth.”

“Facebook is adamant that Free Basics is not a data extraction exercise – on the basis that information is aggregated or de-identified. But aggregated data is still valuable.”

“In a lot of these contexts, people have to decide between buying a loaf of bread for their children or meal a day, and buying data. Yes, [Facebook’s programme] is not a perfect internet – [but] you can’t be highbrow about this. If people want to go on social media, they want to go on social media.”

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